What is SEO? Does Your Website Need SEO?

Much has been talked about SEO, traffic, and organic search ever since online marketing came into existence. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. According to Jennifer Phillips, Vice President of Marketing and Client Services for Traktek Partners, “SEO is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search results.” In other words, SEO is the method of getting good quality traffic to a website through organic search.

What though is an organic search result? When people look for some information on the internet, they enter some keywords on a search engine. When you enter a keyword, the search engine offers a list of websites that have relevant information for the user on that topic. An organic search result is the ranking of a website on search engines based on the relevance of their content to the searched keywords.

It is doubtful that a user would go to page four of the search results to find an answer for what she’s looking for. The best possible information is usually on the first page. And that is where SEO helps in pushing a website’s rank upward. Different techniques help optimize a site on search engines.

Technical Methods – some tools and techniques help to improve the visibility of the content on a website. Using meta tags, meta descriptions, and SEO plugins and tools fall under the technical aspects of optimizing a site. Meta tags and meta descriptions are descriptors that help search engines tell what a page is about.

Off – page Methods – Inbound links or backlinks are when a website links to another website in its content. Inbound links from authoritative sites are known to be useful to search engines, as they indicate that the site contains relevant and good quality content. Trying to get backlinks from popular sites is a way to expose a website to a larger audience.

On – Page Methods – Regardless of the other methods used, the On – Page method of improving SEO is one of the most efficient and yielding ways. The priority of all search engines is to offer relevant and quality content to users, and that’s how relevant articles rank high on search engines. Focusing on high quality content, blogging about trending topics and offering useful information is as important as using the technical and off – page methods of SEO.

Do You Need SEO?

Natalie Athanasiadis, the head of digital marketing at Digital Visibility Group says, “Every business should have a digital marketing strategy in place to identify how they are going to acquire their clients. I have not come across one website in my time that did not need search engine optimization. SEO has evolved over the years from being just simple website tweaks to being a full-blown marketing tactic in 2017. We have seen clients increase their revenue by more than 150% year-over-year with effective SEO techniques.”

Improves Website Ranking – The eventual outcome that every business seeks to realize is to reach out to a broad audience and convert them into active sales. And SEO is the means to this end. By using the right SEO tools and techniques, the chances of search engines pushing the rank of a website are very high. The higher the rank, the better the website performs.

Increases the Flow of Traffic – Jennifer also says, “The growth in traffic to your business website is the biggest benefit of your search engine optimization efforts. If your website is conversion driven, the increase in traffic can only mean more conversions. If not, the traffic will likely increase inquiries, but it’s important to include strong calls to action to drive more business from your online presence.”

As a website crawls up the ladder to search engine rankings, the flow of traffic increases. The quantity and quality of traffic on a website is directly proportional to the number and quality of its potential customers.

SEO Works in the Long-Run – Paid advertisements last for a stated period. Once the period expires, the site won’t rank as high on search engines. However, when a web page is organically optimized, it ensures a good ranking for a long-term.

Charles Markman, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Galaxy Media says, “My business has a lot of success getting clients websites to the top of search results; however, one particular example I most proud of is getting my own business’ website ranked at the top of many of our targeted keywords, including “real estate photographer South Florida.”

Getting your website to rank at the top of search results ensures that you have a constant flow of leads coming into your business which will lead to the long-term health of any business.”

SEO is Cost-Effective – SEO is well known to be one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing. Compared to other forms of online marketing, like paid advertising, and social media campaigns, the cost involved in search engine optimization is very less.

And, it ensures success because working on SEO brings a website the most relevant traffic; the people who are looking for your products/services or content online with a keyword. Many times, it even works better than paid advertisements because people intentionally skip paid ads to get uninfluenced search results.

It Boosts Your Brand – A business that is very popular in the offline market still needs to invest in SEO, because that’s where the untapped potential leads, and competing companies exist. Online marketing is effective because, one, it increases the visibility of business; and two, it boosts its online brand.

Search engines are fond of high quality and relevant content. When a website consistently posts good, optimized content, it usually ranks well on search engines. A consistent ranking for several keywords improves the brand image of a site.

Improves Conversion Rate – Conversion is when a potential customer takes an intended action. It could be signing up for the newsletter, making a purchase, and so on. The conversion rate is the number of people who took action.

Several factors, including SEO influence a successful conversion. The performance of a website’s SEO directly impacts its conversion rates. If the SEO works well, it can be seen in the conversions as well.

SEO is making a website adhere to what search engines want and optimizing it to get the best exposure online. It is crucial to helping people find the right information, and the right products and services. And it helps businesses find the right potential customers and work toward converting them.

What is SEO? Does Your Website Need SEO?

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